Menopause Knowledge CIC and the Birmingham Business Park are supporting the ‘Menopause in and out of the Workplace’ government funded project. This June, the project will be raising menopause awareness with men working in smaller organisations.  The Project is led by Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC) and Disability Resource Centre (DRC)..  
The event is specifically set up for men to learn how to navigate their own andropause and support their menopausal colleagues, emotionally, physically and legally.  Speakers from Menopause Knowledge CIC and Worknest will dispel myths and taboos around these topics and share the legal framework applicable to the workplace. DRC will share what further free support is available through the Project.
This in person event provides a safe place for men to share their own experience, anonymously if they prefer, ask questions and explore how this project can help their organisation provide an inclusive workplace menopause culture.
The session will help answer questions male managers have raised during this project, such as:
"A member of staff who says they are menopausal keeps being really moody and it is affecting other staff, what can I do?"
"One of our male employees seems really distracted at work, he says his wife is menopausal, what can I do to support him?"
"‘Should I tell the team if someone is menopausal to help them be more understanding?"
Sharon Clarke, project lead from DRC, says "DRC are excited to host an engaging Menopause/Andropause event that will provide information and guidance to help men navigate their own andropause as well as support their menopausal colleagues in the workplace.  The event will be a safe space to explore increased support to all employees and start the conversation."
Lori Henebury, Marketing, Community and Business Development Manager at Birmingham Business Park, says “We’re delighted this event is taking place at the business park. It is events like this that reflects our commitment to fostering a workplace environment that is informed, compassionate, and supportive of all employees. By shedding light on these significant life stages and promoting mutual understanding, we aim to create a more inclusive and empathetic community where everyone feels valued and supported."
Aline Boblin, Founder and CEO of Menopause Knowledge CIC, says “It’s good to talk. I’m delighted to extend the conversation to include men and address their questions and concerns.  I’m looking forward to open discussions towards facilitating a working environment that is inclusive for all genders and their hormonal journeys, with mutual respect and understanding. I strongly believe that, with knowledge, simple steps can be taken to support colleagues, whatever their personal and health journeys.”
The session is taking place at the Birmingham Business Park on Wednesday 10th July, 9.30am to 12pm followed by lunch and opportunity to network.
The Project is funded by the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Health and Wellbeing Fund, a joint initiative run by the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and the UK Health Security Agency.
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