The daily grind of a typical workday often leaves us craving for a little excitement during lunchtime. But what happens when a local hotel decides to sprinkle a bit of joy into the lives of busy professionals? Well, the answer is simple: you get an unforgettable lunchtime experience filled with laughter, community, and free ice creams! 

The sun was high in the sky, and the scent of the BBP lunch club wafted through the air as employees dispersed in search of their midday meals. But just as we were beginning to settle into our usual routines, a familiar jingle rang out. It was the unmistakable melody of an ice cream van. Heads turned, and curiosity piqued as the van rolled into our business park.

Colm Feeley, Director of Sales at Moxy Hotel, commented "As Moxy is a hotel chain that likes to be different, we wanted to inject a bit of our #playon ethos in to the business park. It doesn’t have to be all work and no play, and that’s absolutely what Moxy Birmingham NEC, and all of our hotels are about

With its stylish design, playful atmosphere, and modern amenities, Moxy Hotel NEC offers a unique blend of comfort and fun for business and leisure travellers.

Special thanks to team Moxy who showed us a bit of their #Playon ethos by joining us at our lunch club!

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