Challenge your team to take part in STEPtember and raise money for Birmingham Dogs Home. Each company on the business park has been matched with a homeless dog currently in a shelter at Birmingham Dogs Home. The team from Birmingham Dogs Home will be distributing your individual poster to your office throughout next week. Throughout the three-week period of the campaign, we are encouraging our community to move more, whether that be 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 steps each day across the month! You can track your steps using a pedometer like a Fitbit or Apple watch or most mobile phones have a pedometer built in too.

Meet us each day at the Main Lake benches for a community walk:
Walking route 1 – 12:10pm
Walking route 2- 1:10pm

Log your steps – click here
Join our Steptember Facebook group to stay motivated– click here
Set up your fundraiser or donate – click here
Prize – the team to raise the most amount of money will win a free lunch at the BBP Lunch Club (for up to 50 people).