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Over half (51%) of all people over 75 live alone and two fifths of older people say that television is their main company. At Age UK Solihull we help older people here in the Solihull borough with the challenges faced in later life – including loneliness. Despite the ‘UK’ in our name, we are local charity and although we share the branding and values of the national Age UK organisation, it is Age UK Solihull that delivers the services to older people in the borough and therefore all money raised for our charity, is spent here in Solihull.

Over the next 12 months, we will continue to offer information and advice through our Community Advice Hubs at Solihull and Chelmsley Wood Libraries and to offer companionship through our ‘Linking People’ Together project – either through 1:1 befriending or through our four lunch/activity clubs. We will continue to support older people to stay connected, healthy and independent here in the Solihull borough. We hope you will help us continue our endeavours.


Colebridge Trust is a registered charity that is all about improving the lives of local people in Solihull. We are able to do this in many different ways; through the support which we provide to the voluntary and community sector in the borough, our experienced bid writing team has helped to raise over £7M for charitable causes within Solihull over the past 10 years, the social value of which is many times more. Organisational sustainability is vital for us to be able to continue our work within the communities we serve. Hence, our Colebridge Accountancy social enterprise contributes to this whilst providing a quality service to the voluntary and community sector. 

We also operate a social enterprise that enables people to gain work experience or benefit from work-based activities at our light manufacturing operation in north Solihull where we provide light assembly, packing and component kitting services. Here we employ people who are learning disabled, physically disabled, people with mental health and people who have been long term unemployed providing valuable employment opportunities. 

 Solihull Action through Advocacy (SAtA)

Solihull Action through Advocacy (SAtA) supports vulnerable people (mainly those with learning disabilities and autism). Our Borough is home to approximately 5,500 people with LD of whom approximately 1,000 have multiple, severe or profound learning disabilities. For many, having a learning disability creates a great many challenges and inequalities which they need support to overcome. This includes challenges in relation to health, employment, relationships and finances to name a few (for example, only 6% are in employment and life expectancy for a woman with LD is 29 years less than the rest of the population). 

We work alongside people to help improve their lives by protecting their rights and empowering and enabling them to speak up for themselves and to voice their views, wishes and feelings about issues and decisions that are affecting them. SAtA has an ambition to be part of changing our world for the better (to be more inclusive, more valuing of differences and more caring) so we also support and run peer-led activities that help people with LD and autism to develop the skills they need to advocate for others and to collectively raise awareness of issues and push for change.