Opening Times
7.30am - 3pm Monday-friday
4320 waterside centre
Tel – 0121 788 1313

Pane E Caffe

M&S Catering

The Coffee Run




Opening Times

Monday - Friday  7.30am - 3.30pm

Tel 0121 770 8117

WHSmith Newsagent

Wiggles & Giggles - High quality childcare from birth to five years old. Coming soon to Birmingham Business Park. Taking admissions now.

For more information or to enquire about admissions visit:


4360 Waterside Centre, Birmingham Business Park, Solihull Parkway, B37 7YN.

contact - 07825 082 937

A new service coming soon! 


Dry Cleaning/ Launder & Press shirt service - unit 4350 Waterside Centre.


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What's in the Area


Lorraine Harber

£15 per 30 minute session

07817 280615 -

Every Monday - All treatments are personally tailored to suit the individual requirement

Park Management Office -  By appointment only


Nicola Holmes


Every Wednesday and Friday 12:30pm - 1:30pm - £3.50 each session

Every Wednesday 6.15pm - 7.00pm - £3.50 each session

Body Conditioning

Every Wednesday - 5.15pm - 6.00pm - £3.50 each session

Building 2675, Kings Court, The Crescent, Birmingham Business Park


Glam Inc - Beauty Express treatments at BBP

Every Tuesday & Thursday - 9.30am - 8.00pm

Park Management Office, Birmingham Business Park

e mail - to book your appointment time and treatment.

Beauty Express

"Wednesday Walkers Club" at BBP

Every Wednesday - meet at 4225 Park Management Office - 1.00pm for a stroll around the lakes, woodland walk and return to 4225. 

We look forward to seeing you all.

Walkers Club

We are the home of the "Foodie Friday". Due to popular demand held every last Friday of the month.

Please check twitter @birmingham_bp for the latest dates and foodie carts available on the day.

Main Lake, rear of Waterside Centre - 11.00am - 2.30pm

Foodie Friday

Kick start your year of wellbeing with British Military Fitness, after work slots available.


To book your company spaces directly contact

British Military Fitness

Rishi Power Yoga - commences May 3rd 2017 - 7.30am - 8.15am - unit 2675 GF Kings Court, The Crescent.

Every Monday 7.30am - 8.15am - Unit 2675  GF Kings Court, The Crescent.

Every Wednesday 7.30am - 8.15am - Unit 2675 GF Kings Court, The Crescent.

Every Thursday 1.15pm - 1.50pm - main lake (if weather inclement - unit 2675 GF Kings Court, The Crescent)

£5.00 per session 


Health Exchange - regular sessions at Birmingham Business Park 

Regular meetings with your Health Trainer to make changes to your lifestyle with on going support. Also FREE diabetes checks.

e mail - to book


for more info -

Health Exchange

Every Tuesday - Main Lake 11.00am - 2.30pm -  for the latest menu please check twitter @Hillbillysgrill


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Health & Fitness

Environmental Initiatives

Bird Life

The woodland walk is an ideal environment for many birds to nest and feed, a multitude of birds are catered for here, either within the trees or hedges providing natural nesting sites or via the 31 bird boxes we have placed around the site, we provide and maintain a landscape to be sympathetic to the bird life, ensuring berry’s are left on shrubs for food, and leaving nesting material available.

As such the Park is rich in many varieties of bird’s from the well known Robin to rarer breeds such as Goldcrest and Siskin.

Some of the birds you may see along the woodland walk include:
Goldfinch, Siskin, Robin, Blue Tit, Thrush, Goldcrest, Heron and Woodpecker


The Woodland walk is managed to promote natural flowers, in recent years we have aided this by planting foxgloves, oxeye daisy’s and Cowslips, we also sow an annual flower seed mix on the edge of the Woodland walk next to the gate by the road to give a blaze of colour through the Spring, Summer and Autumn. A careful balance of plant life is maintained to promote seasonal interest, habitats and food sources, the grass and natural meadow flowers are cut to the ground in late Autumn, bulbs are left to naturally drift and when they have finished flowering we leave them to allow there nutrients to return back into the bulb.

Plants and flowers are a key part of natures eco system, providing food, pollen, habitat and colour to the natural world, they also play a key role in our everyday lives, did you know; Recent studies have shown that grass is one of the best materials to offset carbon emissions.

80% of all medicinal drugs come from plants. There are approximately 352,000 different flowering plants in the world, currently 25% of these face extinction in the next 20years. The smallest flowering plant in the world is the Wolffia Angusta, its so small you can pass it through the eye of a sewing needle.

The largest flower in the Uk is said to have been grown at the Eden Project, the flower of the Titan Arum reached 2.97m tall. Around ¼ of the worlds land is covered in grassland.


Hedges Our native hedgerows provide an important source of shelter and food for wildlife, in the past 50 years nearly half of the native hedgerows in the UK have disappeared. The hedges within the woodland walk give a screen and offer a corridor for animals and insects to thrive.

Our hedges are all native species containing;
Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Holly, Rose, Elder and Buckthorn

This variety of planting gives a great range of food from berries and flowers and provides a nesting site for birds such as The Thrush and Robin.

In 2011 we installed a series of new hedgerows in the woodland walkway with some 3,000 small shrubs and trees planted, staked and protected from rabbits, over the coming years the hedge will flourish and come to provide a strong backdrop for the Woodland walkway. During the time of planting this new hedgerow we also “laid” the older hedgerow located on the Northern Woodland walk, this hedge was nearing 40 years old, this traditional style of hedge creation used previously to aid in agricultural stock control will ensure the hedgerow continues to present a welcoming place for our wildlife

Log Piling

Along the walk we have placed 8 Log habitat piles all created from timber following essential tree maintenance on Birmingham Business Park. Each pile has been created by submerging logs into the ground, and securing them in place with stakes and wire, the piles have also been planted with Ivy, which, in time, will grow over the piles to provide increased provisions for further animals, insects, amphibians and birdlife to inhabit them.

Plenty of wildlife makes it’s home in decaying timber and other animals use it as a source of food, wood falls naturally in the wild, and many species have adapted to use this habitat, obviously leaving wood scattered about presents many issues in a modern and busy environment such as the business park, as such these man made piles have been created to simulate a natural occurrence in the wild. Many species inhabit log piles, below are a few you may see on your walk;
Violet Ground Beetle, Stag Beetle, Common Toad, Harvestman Spider, Earwigs and House Mice.


As you stroll through the woodland walk, you will be walking beneath the canopies of our Oak tree’s, the trees range between 80-100 years old, and where planted by the original landowner before the idea of Business Parks had even been considered!

As with all things of a certain age and to ensure the trees are kept in good order, we carry out regular maintenance to the trees on the Business Park, the trees are also surveyed on a by-annual basis by a qualified Arbourist, this can lead to the occasional dead limb being removed, or damage from wildlife and high winds calling for repair, due to this level of management the Oak trees within the Woodland walk will last for many more years to come.

We also have a number of Horse Chestnut trees in the Walk, which provide the site occupiers with an abundance of Conkers in the Autumn. The Latin names of the trees are;
Oak – Quercus Robur
Horse Chestnut – Aesculus hippocastanum

Species List

We have a number different species of animals residing in and round the park's lake including but not limited to:
Carp, Golden Orfe, Rudd, Herons, Geese and Moorhens

In addition to this there are a number of plants such as:
Iris, Bulrush, Elodea, Water Lily and Storwort


Sustainable travel award for Birmingham Business Park

Birmingham Business Park has earned both Top Cycling and Top Walking Location Bronze status, awarded by Transport for West Midlands (TfWM).

March 22 2017

Birmingham Business Park has earned both Top Cycling and Top Walking Location Bronze status, awarded by Transport for West Midlands (TfWM).

The award is in recognition of its commitment to supporting sustainable commuting among some 7000 people based there.

TfWM, the transport arm of the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), presents the awards each year to businesses and educational establishments taking action to encourage alternatives to daily driving.

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Cycling Forum

Tuesday 14th February 2017 - Park Management Office - 7.45am - 8.30am. Book your place now -

February 08 2017

We would like to encourage NEW cyclists and support current cyclists as part of our Wellbeing initiative. TFWM & Bike Right are hosting with ourselves the first cycling forum to discuss onsite cycling facilities, useful cycling facilities and help create a cycling community.

Refreshments and pastries available and some cycling freebie goodies.

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Monthly Event: April 2017

Birmingham Business Park is excited to launch the monthly events poster.


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